Summit  2017

Saturday, March 4th
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Toronto Mississauga Centre


2 FOR $25.00 (Mississauga Sport Groups)

Hosted by the Mississauga Sports Council, in partnership with the City of Mississauga, this initiative of the City of Mississauga Sport Plan, is an exciting event that provides Mississauga Sport Groups with learning and networking opportunities designed to support the success and development of their grassroots organizations.


Designed to support our grassroots sports groups, topics range from Governances, Administration and Coaching with a view to supporting skills development/refreshers for officials and volunteers looking to play a greater role in their organizations development.  

PRESENTATIONS (subject to change):

Coaching Confidence

Confidence is a skill – the most important skill! It can be coached, improved and sharpened. As a coach one of the first skills you should be coaching, and the most important one to revisit on a regular basis, is confidence!


This session will explore best practices in coaching confidence in youth. Discussion will include:

  • how confidence develops over many years

  • exploring self esteem in developing girls and boys and strategies to build their self-confidence in their abilities.

  • Coaching young athletes on how to taking control of their confidence level by being proactive and accepting responsiblity for their thoughts and internal dialogue


If you can’t see confidence how can you coach it?

Concussion 101

In this introductory session, Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre identifies "What is a concussion?" highlights concussion management strategies; provides baseline testing education; tools and resources; and interactive group discussion and Q&A.

This presentation has been designed to:

  1.  Inform players, parents and coaches of the cause and effects of concussions.

  2. Understand what tools are available to deal with prevention, detection & management

  3. Increase awareness and access to resources to reduce head injuries in sport.


The Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre is one of the first in the world dedicated exclusively to pediatric concussion. Youth brains are still developing and require a unique approach to concussion care. Our centre includes clinicians specifically trained in pediatric brain injury and researchers who are leading experts in the field of youth concussion.

We see the benefits of youth playing sports and how it positively affects their physical, mental and social development. The Concussion Centre is focused on getting kids back to doing what they love after sustaining a concussion, including recreational and competitive sports.

Concussion Management

Learn from the collaboration of local organizations that have developed policies and tools to address issues from preventative measures through to return to play. This discussion is designed to provide information and create awareness on issues and resources related to concussion management and process optimization within your sport group.

The Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), in conjunction with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, has implemented new policy surrounding concussions for the 2016-17 season. This policy will be one of the most comprehensive concussion policies to date for minor sports in Ontario.


Don't miss this invaluable opportunity for your administrators, coaches/trainers and officials to gain knowledge and exchange ideas and resources based on fact and grassroots implementation.

The Fundamental Movement Skills of throwing, catching, jumping, striking, running, kicking, agility, and balance and coordination, form the basis for future sport skill development and for the life-long enjoyment of physical activity.  Learn how to OBSERVE and IMPROVE the fundamental movement skills through the format listed below which is best suited to you and the sport you coach.


The FMS module will give participants the skills to:

• analyze and identify the various stages of development for the fundamental movement skills;

• apply a six-step process to teaching the fundamental movement skills; and

• create safe games where children can practise fundamental movement skills.


This is an NCCP certification course. Conditions apply.


>Available only to Mississauga not-for-profit sport groups

>Participants must be 16 years of age or older.

>Participants must have a National Coaching Certification Program number (NCCP#).

Respect in Sport

This session will highlight the benefits of the Respect in Sport, online certification program, which is empowering people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD). Across North America, youth-serving organizations have struggled with the issues of Abuse Prevention and Risk Management. Child-centered organizations want to create a safer, more ethical environment for participants by providing essential information to stakeholders.


Interesting Facts:

  •  70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13 because they stop having fun

  • the most common reason:  Parental behaviour

  • for every adolescent boy who leaves sport, 6 girls leave

  • how parents interact and behave with the kids has a major impact on whether kids remain in sports


In addition to highlighting program benefits, topics of discussion will include how sport organizations are using the program to empower participants to recognize signs of BAHD and eliminate it from the game, through a global culture of respect.

ParaSport Champions

100% volunteer driven, Cruisers Sports for the Physically Disabled, now one of the largest sports organizations for people with disabilities, was formed by a dedicated group of parents who wanted their children to be able to participate in sports.  Recreational and competitive opportunities are provided in adapted sports including boccia, track and field, sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball, as well as a multi-sports program.   These programs promote the development of teamwork, confidence, independence as well as the social interaction of being a part of a sports organization.

Several Cruisers Sports athletes and coaches have risen to the pinnacle of their respective sports, Cruisers and Canada  at National Championships, Parapan Am Games, World Championships and the Paralympics.

In this session they’ll share the hurdles and best practices on their road to success and discuss collaborative initiatives and opportunities to work together.

Sports Injury Prevention

Sports are a great way to keep fit and stay healthy. However, injuries happen. Developing training programs that include strength and conditioning elements can optimize performance and minimize the chance of injury.


This session highlights the top causes of injury and the benefits in cross-training and developing fundamental movement skills. In addition, a review of the application of “warm ups / drills” and injury prevention best practices in some recreational and competitive sports; as well as some tips for prevention and treatment of injury that can help promote a safe, optimal sports experience for athletes.


This interactive session encourage group discussion and Q&A.

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