HUGHES, Gordon

Gord Hughes first got involved as a volunteer in 1970, when he became a Director of the Clarkson Hockey Association and served in that capacity and as area representative in the Mississauga Hockey League for the next seven seasons. For two years (1977 and ’79), he was 1st Vice-president. In 1979 he became a Director and Vice-president of the Mississauga Hockey League (MHL), then during 1981-82 moved into the “hot seat” as President at a time when the organization enjoyed some of its most remarkable years. As his administrative abilities earned recognition, he moved on and accepted new challenges as Director, 2nd Vice-president then 1st Vice-president of the Metropolitan Toronto Hockey League (MTHL) while also serving as Director of the Ontario Hockey Federation (1995-99).


The Mississauga Chiefs hockey team also benefited considerably from his dedication and considerable expertise. He was on board as the Chiefs’ Director when the National Women’s Hockey League skated into the new ice age (1999-2001) firmly established as a well-organized and highly competitive entity. Gord Hughes somehow still found time for other community sports organizations: between 1972 and 1975 he served as Director of the Mississauga Canoe Club; from 1977 to ’79 he was President of the Mississauga Girls Lacrosse Association; and in 1991 was a member of the Mississauga Olympic Organizing Committee (MOOC) labouring on a dedicated but unsuccessful bid to bring the Olympic Games to the Greater Toronto Area.


Gord Hughes has a particularly soft spot for the Mississauga Sports Council, whose main mission is promotion and development of sports and physical activity. He first joined the Sports Council two years after its birth and from 1985 has been a Director and Vice-chair. My involvement with the Mississauga Sports Council means a lot to me” he says. Not surprisingly, bouquets of recognition have been tossed at Hughes’ feet in  recognition of his significant achievements: elected to the Mississauga Hockey League Hall of Fame (2002); elected Life Member of the Mississauga Hockey League (2004), one of only three; elected Life Member of the Greater Toronto Hockey League (1999); Canadian Olympic Celebration Achievement Medal (1988); and Outstanding Contribution to Mississauga Community Sports (1988).

In 2012, Gord was recognized by Hockey Canada as its Volunteer of the Year.