Ontario Trillium Foundation

Sport Training at the Grassroots
A Road Map to Success

Mississauga Sports Council greatly appreciates the support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation!




As part of this project, MSC reviewed a number of training delivery channels.


Adult learners can access training through a range of delivery channels, including Seminars, Conferences, Templates, Mentoring and Online Learning. There are benefits and challenges to each method. While seminars, conferences and mentoring are traditional training methods, many grassroots templates/manuals are either not readily available/non-existent, fragmented, incomplete, difficult to maintain, or used in an ad hoc fashion. Templates have tremendous potential to provide frameworks of best practices for sports groups. Increasingly, Canadian adults are also embracing online learning in their work, educational and volunteer roles. Online learning provides an excellent way to collect, store and share valuable training resources for individuals at anytime, anywhere.  

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