SULA, Claudina



Claudina Sula’s athletic endeavours began with baseball and progressed to bowling once her talent was discovered by Ted Woodhouse, her baseball coach who also ran the Lakeshore Lanes.

After Years of practice as a youth, her career took off in her early adult years she won countless provincial and national titles and is proud of her Canada Winter Games in 1983.

She was also the youngest member of a Canadian teem that qualified for the first International Small Ball Championships in 1980, which were held at the same site as the Thrilla in manila.

Over her career, she established several records, including the highest five-game score for a woman in Canada, a mark that still stands today.


Sula was inducted in the Ontario 5-Pin Bowling hall of Fame in 2011 and helped organize the Ontario Bowling School, which has now been running for 25 years. The school still gives and award named after each year.